Monday, September 19, 2016

SLT Direcrory

SLT Directory for customers 

Phone directories are published and distributed primarily all SLT subscribers , including non-governmental organizations , business organizations , religious institutions , private clients and so the word " directory " has been a synonym for Sri Lanka Telecom , since it is the only publisher of telephone directories in Sri Lanka since 1939, before the publication of telephone directories were carried out in a separate department SLT . But in 1983-2000 , the publication of telephone directories outsourced from a third party , but in 2001 it was returned to the SLT . Then the telephone directory , the Temple was the first SLTRAINBOW pages and SLT RAINBOW PAGES directory was published in 2002.In the 2008 edition of the telephone directory was brought under the purview of a separate organization viz. SLT Publications ( Pvt ) Ltd. , a subsidiary established in the SUT in this task by providing a much better service.

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